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Welcome to Paperless Import!

A FREE web site where transport companies can upload documents to the web site and communicate with customs brokers.  Some of the benefits are:

- Reduce your fax costs;

- Improve communication as Customs Brokers will reply to confirm receipt of the paperwork;

- Ensures that Customs Brokers receive all the necessary information they require to clear a shipment: from shipment weight, to port of entrance, to ETA, it's all there;

- Customs Brokers can access the site from anywhere: work or home;

- Dispatch and Drivers can check the status of their PARS on this page, there's no need to log in;

- Drivers can view the site on their smart phone;

- Maintain a history of transborder shipments and it's easy to lookup previous shipments;

- The importer is linked to the customs broker so there is no need to look up the broker each time;

- It's easy to use.  You just need to go to the Address Book and Add the Importer and the Shipper.  Some information can be left blank. Transport Companies can add customs brokers as new users as needed.  You do require an e-mail address for the customs broker. Once you've entered this information, go to Library and Add New Shipments, Scan the Documents, and Send them to the broker.

We will be adding more features in the near future, including sending SMS - Text messages directly to the drivers' cell phones and access to shippers and importers.

Transport companies can also e-mail or fax the documents to us and we will upload them to the web site for the customs broker to process.  This will save the carrier time and ensure that the paperwork is sent to the correct customs broker for processing.

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